You don’t need to kill the bear

Two friends are walking in the woods when they spot a bear. Immediately one of the friends sits
down and puts on his running shoes. Watching in disbelief the other friend says “Man you’ll never
out run that bear.”

To that the first friend replies, “I don’t have to out run that bear, I just have to out run

I tell this story before every self defense seminar and it never gets old (OK maybe a little).

The reason I use this story is because it illustrates a basic self defense fact. You don’t have
to defeat your attacker, you just need to make yourself an “unattractive target” compared to the
rest of the world. If you’re walking around head up, alert and making the correct eye contact, a
would be predator will just move on to a weaker target. Criminals and bullies don’t want a fight,
they don’t want opponents, they want victims.

The problem is, the majority of self defense and martial arts train you to focus on defeating ALL
ATTACKERS. And while this is possible, defeating all attackers is the last and hardest level of
self defense. And Instead of defeating all attackers – you should be thinking about surviving at
all costs.

The notion of defeating your attacker is called the “Domination Phase” and it does require more
training and attitude. But there are two phases that come into play well before you need to “kill
the bear”.

They are the Awareness Phase and the Escape Phase.

Both of which are easily accomplished with little training. For example, knowing how to walk and
interact with the world around you goes a long way toward NOT being picked as a victim.

The other fact this story reveals is that not everyone prepares for self defense. While you’re
reading this message I’m sure everyone around you is shopping, watching TV or doing something
that has little or no social redeeming value.

Unfortunately, the VAST MAJORITY of the people on the planet live in DENIAL and will never do
anything significant with regards to self defense.

I would love every good man woman and child on the planet to train with us, but that’s not
reality – it just ain’t happening.

Think of your self defense training as putting on those running shoes. Sure you might not be able
to beat up a 6’6” 295 pound ex convict, but you sure as heck will be able to outrun him.
Maybe today is the day you get your running shoes… and you can try them for ZERO COST ==> HERE.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross

Founder and Master Instructor of The Self Defense Company

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